What to wear to a Summer Wedding

What to wear to a Summer Wedding

What to wear summer wedding

So you've been invited to a summer wedding...now the question is, what to wear? 

Golden Chic has put together a few suggestions for pulling off the perfect outfit for your summer wedding.

Colorful dress to wear to a summer wedding Cocktail dress to wear to a wedding

Your outfit can be as formal or as casual as you want to make it but remember that it is a special occasion and try not to upstage the bride 😊 Make sure you check the invite to get clues about the dress code and pay attention when the bride and groom give you clues about what they might want you to wear.

The perfect maxi dress for wedding guest

Don't forget to look at the venue and the time of day for your cues about what is appropriate to wear. Your outfit ideas may change drastically based on if the wedding is indoor vs outdoor, day vs night.

Maxi Dresses to wear to a wedding

We love the idea of keeping it bright and light for the hot days of summer, but if you prefer darker colors, go for it and don’t be afraid to show Some Skin.!

For your summer weddings this year, Golden Chic has plenty of options to keep you cool, comfortable and Golden Chic at every event!

What to wear to a summer wedding

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